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Our products, whether balancing systems, high-precision drive assemblies for all-wheel-drive technology, efficient gears, gas-saving pumps or the turbocompound to make use of exhaust gas energy, focus on serving the key future trends of the automobile industry such as downsizing, hybridization, cutting fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.


Engineering the right balancer shaft systems

Balancer systems are part of the active devices used to prevent noise and vibrations caused by the vehicle engine to ensure a smoother ride.

With this in place, the physical inertia forces and torque caused by the combustion engine are eliminated by same sized opposite forces and torque.This means vibrations and noises are not transferred to the chassis of the vehicle from the start.

Mitec-Jebsen understands this and uses a gear-actuated device, rotating at twice the crankshaft speed, to meet the highest precision requirements when manufacturing the gear.

It forms part of a standard module for the car engine which can be integrated with other modules in the future. This applies for inline 4 and 5 cylinders and V6 engines, both for gasoline and diesel, independent of combustion type.


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